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Articles In Refereed Journals

1. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis (forthcoming): “Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility activities and Corporate Governance in Imperfectly Competitive Markets”, Managerial and Decision Economicsdoi: 10.1002/mde.2635

2. C. Manasakis and M. Vlassis (2014): Downstream Mode of Competition With Upstream Market Power”, Research in Economics, 68 (1), 84-93.

3. C. Manasakis, E. Petrakis and V. Zikos (2014): “Downstream Research Joint Ventures with Upstream Market Power”, Southern Economic Journal, 80 (3), 782-802.

4. C. Manasakis, G. Apostolakis and G. Datseris (2013): “Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Measure Hotel Efficiency in Crete”, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 25 (4), 510-535.

5. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis (2013): “Certification of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in Oligopolistic Markets”, Canadian Journal of Economics, 46 (1), 282-309.

6. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis (2010): “Endogenous Managerial Incentive Contracts in a Differentiated Duopoly, with and without Commitment”, Managerial and Decision Economics, 31 (8), 531-543.

7. C. Manasakis and E. Petrakis (2009): “Union Structure and Firms’ Incentives for Cooperative R&D Investments”, Canadian Journal of Economics, 42 (2), 665-693.

8. C. Manasakis (2009): “Shareholder Wealth Effects from Mergers and Acquisitions in the Greek Banking Industry”, International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance, 1(3), 242-256.

9. C. Manasakis and V. Zikos (2007): “Unions’ and Firms’ Attitudes towards Research Joint Ventures: When can the Incentives be Aligned?”, LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, 21 (1), 135-156.

10. C. Manasakis (2005): “Stock Market Valuation of Mergers and Acquisitions Between Banks: the Case of Greece”, Review of Economic Sciences (in greek) 7, 155-174.


Articles in Collective Volumes

1. C. Manasakis (2013): “Corporate social responsibility as a political action” (in Greek), in Anastasios-John D. Metaxas (eds), Political Science: Intersectoral and critical approach of the political action, Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, in press.

2. C. Manasakis and E. Petrakis (2010): "Endogenous Technology Policy and Industrial Relations, from a Political Economy Point of View" (in Greek), in N. Papadakis and Em. Spydidakis (eds), Labor Market, Employment and on-the job-training in Greece. Institutions, Structures and Policies, Sideris Publications, 303-324.

Other Refereed Publications

1. G. Alexandrakis, C. Manasakis and N. A. Kampanis (2013): "Estimation of the Climatic Change Impact to Beach Tourism. The Case of a Mass Tourist Destination”.  ICOT 2013: International Conference on Tourism - Trends, Impacts and Policies on Sustainable Tourism Development. Limassol, Cyprus 5-8 June 2013.

 2. C. Manasakis and E. Tzika (2011): “Customer satisfaction and social performance of a museum shop: The case of the Natural History Museum of Crete”. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller. 

3. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis (2006): “Corporate Social Responsibility in Oligopolistic Markets”. CSR PAPER 7.2006, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei. 

Research in Progress

1. D. Kesavayuth, C. Manasakis and V. Zikos: “Upstream Horizontal R&D Networks”. Department of Economics, University of Crete, B.E.NE.TeC. Working Paper Series, No 2012.

2. I. Barreda-Tarrazona, N. Georgantzis, C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis (2013): “Endogenous managerial compensation contracts in experimental duopolies”, mimeo Economics Department, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón.

3. C. Cabolis, C. Manasakis, D. Moreno and E. Petrakis (2013): “Horizontal Mergers and Acquisitions with Endogenous Efficiency Gains”, [earlier circulated as Department of Economics, University of Crete, Working Paper 08-17], mimeo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

4. C. Manasakis, B. Pagel and C. Wey (2013): “Time Consistency of Strategic Trade Policy and Endogenous Labor Market Institutions”, mimeo, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economic (DICE), Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf.

5. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis (2013): “CSR Activities by Multinational Enterprises In International Markets”, mimeo, Portsmouth Business School.

6. G. Alexandrakis, C. Manasakis and & N.A. Kampanis (2013): “Estimation of the Climatic Change Impact to Beach Tourism: The Case of a Mass Tourist Destination”, mimeo, Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas, Institute of Applied & Computational Mathematics (FORTH-IACM).

Articles in Professional Journals

1. C. Manasakis (2012): “Income inequalities and policy directions”, The Economist (Greek edition), p. 10, November 29, 2012.

2. C. Manasakis (2012): “Firms’ location decisions and the mobility of labour”, The Economist (Greek edition), p. 36, May 31, 2012.

3. C. Manasakis (2011): “Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: A challenge”, The Economist (Greek edition), p. 4, June 30, 2011.

4. C. Manasakis, and Y. Nikolaou (2003): “The evolution of the technology policies in Greece” (in Greek), Economic Annals - Official Journal of the Greek Economic Association, 120, pp. 32-35.

5. C. Manasakis (2003): “The effects of mergers and acquisitions on employment and wages - A survey of the recent literature”, (in Greek), Economic Annals - Official Journal of the Greek Economic Association, 122, pp. 30-34.