The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Crete has two Computer Labs. The Faculty Laboratory and the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Statistics and Informatics (DIESTAP)

The first one is located in the Faculty’s Quadrant and has 2 fully-equipped classrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the building's first floor. It has a capacity of 14 and 26 computers respectively.

The second one is located in the Commercial Centre area and has 2 equipped classrooms with a sliding partition in the middle. Each side has a capacity of 30 computers and can also be used as a single space.

The laboratories are equipped with new computers that were installed in 2016 and have Microsoft Windows 10 installed, as well as various applications such as office applications, statistical analysis programs etc.

The operation of the Lab is supported by Faculty staff as well as volunteer students.

The Faculty Computer Labs’ mission is:

  1. To meet the needs of the entire Gallos University campus to teach subjects that require computers.
  2. To allow all students to carry out tasks that require the use of PCs.
  3. To provide all students with the ability to get acquainted with PCs.
  4. To assist students in their research.
  5. To allow students to use free internet services.
  6. To be used for conducting seminars for the training of members of the University on new technologies.
Faculty of Social Sciences


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