Welcome note by the Dean of the Faculty

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Crete. Recently our Faculty celebrated 30 years since its establishment. Our Faculty is the only Faculty of Social Sciences in Greece which includes four of the main scientific fields of the Social Sciences: Economics, Sociology, Political Science and Psychology.

Our Faculty was established in 1987-8 with a couple of departments (Economics and Sociology), about 10 Professors and 150 students and was housed in a school building in the City of Rethymno. 30 years after, we count 4 departments (Psychology and Political Science departments have been added), about 80 Professors, 4.500 students and 7.500 alumni. We have 7 Master’s programs and 14 research workshops, while we have also established working relations with 80 foreign Universities and we have organized 80 international conferences. And, of course, we have now moved to the new University Campus situated 5 minutes drive outside the City of Rethymno in the beautiful Gallos area overlooking the Aegean.

Most important of all is that all of these are combined with a continuous effort to improve the quality of our teaching and research. Proof of the high standards we have reached are the results of the external evaluations of the Departments of the Faculty according to which the latter come among the best in the country and with a highly visible international profile. Special mention is due to the Faculty members and administrative stuff who have served the Faculty with loyalty and commitment, especially during the last difficult crisis years, to our students and our alumni who are our best ambassadors, but also to the local community and its representatives who made available the land on which the University Campus is now situated.

Thirty years later we cannot but be proud with what we have achieved. The journey continues …

Dimitris Milonakis

Professor, Department of Economics

Dean of the Faculty

Faculty of Social Sciences


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