The School of Social Sciences is committed to building capacity, advancing scholarship, and developing partnerships so that the research outputs of its faculty members and doctoral students can reach and impact communities and society.  To this end, faculty members seek opportunities to collaborate with international and interdisciplinary research teams, public service organizations, and community stakeholders to conduct impactful research that addresses the social, economic, and political challenges that people face today. Researchers seek to curate knowledge and provide tailored recommendations that can inform and shape policy and practice at the community and the national level. The School supports interdisciplinary conferences and community outreach activities, constructing dialogue and collaboration pathways for the public benefit.

Below you can explore some of the more recent examples of our impact.

Labour Market Monitoring Mechanism in the Region of Crete

1st International Conference in Contemporary Social Sciences – Crisis and the Social Sciences: New Challenges and Perspectives (10-12 June 2016)

2nd International Conference in Contemporary Social Sciences: Public Policy at the Crossroads: Social Sciences Leading the Way? (15-16 June 2018)