The composition of the Board for the 2020-21 academic year  is as follows:

Dean: George Panagis, Professor

Head of the Economics Department: George Stamatopoulos, Associate Professor

Head of the Sociology Department: George Tsiolis, Professor

Head of the Psychology Department: Stella Giakoumaki, Associate Professor

Head of the Political Science Department: Athanasios Giouras, Professor

School General Assembly

The General Assembly of the School consists of:

a) The Dean of the School.

b) The Academic Faculty Members Of the school.

c) Student representatives at a rate of 10% of the total members of the General Assembly of the School of cases a and b. Student representatives are at least one (1) representative for the undergraduate category and one (1) total for the postgraduate and doctoral student categories, where available.

d) Three (3) representatives, one (1) per category from the Specialized and Laboratory Teaching Staff members of the School, who are elected, together with their deputies, for a two-year term.

The General Assembly of the School is constituted and operates legally even if the representatives of cases c΄ and d΄ have not been appointed or elected, respectively and has all the responsibilities assigned to it by law, the Organization and the Internal Regulations, as well as those that are not assigned. in other organs of the School.

Specialized Teaching Staff

Kontorousi – Anna Karagiorgou (English Teacher- Department of Psychology)

E-mail: annakk at

Papaioannou Eugenia (English Teacher – Department of Economics)

Email: j.papaioannou at

Havredaki Irini (English Teacher – Department of Sociology)

Email: irenehavredaki at

Heila Marina (English Teacher – Department of Political Science)

Email: marinahila1 at

Administrative Staff

Kalogeraki Eleni, Head of Secretariat

Phone: 28310-77860

E-mail: e.kalogeraki at & amp; secrsocial at

Chamilaki Irini, Secretary of the Department

Phone: 28310-77860

E-mail: secrsocial at

Technical Support

Sakellaridis Dimitrios, Specialized Laboratory Staff

Phone: 28310-77863

E-mail: pclab at & amp; dsakel at

Marentakis Ioannis, Laboratory Technician

Phone: 28310-77429

E-mail: pclab2 at & amp; jmarentakis at