International Programs

MBE in Technological Innovations Management and Entrepreneurship

Why Choose TIME

TIME is a consortium of three leading Higher Education European Universities that share a single vision: to constantly reshape the boundaries of managerial and entrepreneurial practice. This vision shapes our distinctive approach to teaching, and our focus on how to manage innovative ideas, from the idea-generation stage to product development and commercialization. Creativity and innovative thinking, along with traditional analytical skills are a must in the business world, whether your vision is to establish your own start-up or join a major corporate in a leadership role.

To achieve our vision we take advantage of our academic expertise, we employ acclaimed scholars from North America and Europe, introduce students to the practical realities of the competitive market place through guest lectures by successful practitioners, and allow students to practice their newly acquired knowledge through a Supervised Internship Program in a Dutch, Greek or Cypriot firm (with a small remuneration in assisting the students with the high-cost of life in the Netherlands), or an Entrepreneurship Summer Course designed to provide a hands-on approach in educating future leaders.

In Short

We offer a flexible and multidisciplinary program to help you develop skills and knowledge to effectively manage new technologies and innovations. TIME is an enhanced program, incorporating experiential learning, that will consolidate learning and allow students to apply the knowledge gained. Students gain business and management skills to complement their science, engineering or technology backgrounds and business experience.

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