The Faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Crete was founded in 1984 and consists of the Departments of Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Political Science. The first three of these departments began operating in 1987, while the fourth commenced operation in 1999. Today the Faculty has 5000 undergraduate and 100 postgraduate students, 90 teaching staff members (24 on yearly contract), 6 specialised teaching staff members, and 6 technical and support staff. The operations of each Department are supported by the departmental secretariat, and those of the Faculty as a whole by the Dean’s secretariat.

The basic objective of the Faculty of Social Sciences – the only one of its kind in Greece – is to provide an environment for the free movement of knowledge, ideas, and people, and to promote cooperation, not only among the departments of the Faculty itself, but also among all the Faculties of the University. In addition the Faculty seeks to become a centre of interdisciplinary discussions and research in the field of social science, in both Greek and international forums.

A Centre of European Studies has been in operation since 2001. It covers educational and research needs in the area of European integration, and more broadly, in European studies, related to the four main subjects of the Faculty. In addition, the Faculty has two Jean Monnet chairs, and in cooperation with the Library of the University of Crete, has created a European Documentation Centre.

In terms of structural and technical infrastructure, the Faculty provides a modern Computer Laboratory which offers a variety of services: educational, electronic mailing, Internet, and file management and provisioning.

Among the targets of the Faculty is the development of further cooperation within the Faculty, within the University, and within the international academic community, leading to enhanced teaching and research efforts in the area of social sciences.